Pear Liqueur

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This Pear Liqueur recipe is refreshingly smooth and tastes similar to Eau De Vie or Lillet. It's even better in many ways because it's ridiculously easy to make and is extremely affordable. Use the sweetest organic pears you can get your hands on for best results. If your pears are very intensely sweet, like the ones from my back yard, you can skip the sugar. If you're going for store bought pears or moderately sweet pears, consider adding some sugar to enhance the pear flavor and tie it in with the vodka. I find it frustrating that the window of time of pear ripeness is so small. Once minute they're sweet like candy, the next minute they're mealy and heading for the compost bin. This liqueur is the best way I know of to capture their flavor when it's at its peak and preserve it almost indefinitely.

Pear Liqueur Recipe

1 ½ lbs (.7 kg) pears
750 ml vodka

¼ cup + 2 Tablespoons (75 g) granulated white sugar (optional)
¼ cup (59 ml) water (optional)

1) Slice your pears and add them to a container of vodka

Peel and slice the pears. Remove the seeds and stems and cube them into 1 inch pieces. Add them to a ½ gallon glass container. Add the vodka, close lid tightly and give it a shake. Keep in a cool dark place and strain out the pear pieces after one week.

2) Prepare a sugar water mixture depending on how sweet your pears are and age to perfection

If your pears are less than extraordinarily sweet

Proceed to add the optional sugar water mixture: In a small saucepan whisk together the sugar and water constantly over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved. Stir it into the pear vodka mixture.

If your pears are extraordinarily sweet

Proceed to aging.

Age at least two more weeks. The longer you age it, the smoother it becomes. Store it in the freezer where it will keep for at least a couple years. Enjoy it cold. Makes about 750 ml of Pear Liqueur.

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